Downtown Anchorage @davidtatum

At Home in Alaska’s Urban Center

belonging naturally; essential.

We owe it to ourselves to identify with our city, to belong, naturally in Alaska’s urban center.

Intrinsic.city is a place to celebrate the things that make Anchorage great and collectively explore ideas that can make it better.

intrinsic.city is an Anchorage-focused journalistic blog dedicated to providing quality lifestyle, architecture, design, urban planning, and real estate content presented through the urbanist lens of sustainable development and YIMBYism.

Land Acknowledgement

This is Dena’ina ełnena. 

intrinsic.city acknowledges that the city we call Anchorage occupies the traditional homelands of the Dena’ina Athabaskans. For centuries, their sustainable and symbiotic relationships with animals, waters, and land have preserved the natural wonders which draw us to this place.

We make our homes here with gratefulness and respect for the contributions, innovations, and contemporary perspectives of the Dena’ina people.