Spenard’s Church of Love undergoing major renovations.

“Church of Love has temporarily closed for major renovations and awesome upgrades!” – CIHA

If you saw the backhoe ripping down walls on the front of the Church of Love today, don’t worry, it’s part of a major renovation by the building’s owners, Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA).

CIHA’s Church of Love website recognizes the cultural impact that the 1950’s building has had in recent years as a community venue for everything from concerts, craft markets, gallery exhibitions, parties and artist studios and they’re making a solid effort to improve the venue. CIHA has been working with Anchorage architect Chris Cole of 61North on a “design that reflects the building’s history and creates space for its future.”

The renovations are addressing ADA accessibility issues and safety code improvements. It’s also rumored that there will be an added mezzanine area behind the colored glass.

Funding was provided by ArtPlace America, US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), The Kresge Foundation, The Atwood Foundation, The Rasmuson Foundation, and CIHA.

There hasn’t been a renovation schedule posted yet but as you can see, they’re underway.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Sydney